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Adopt A School

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Improving the quality of Education, renovating the infrastructure and developing it as a centre of quality education for the slum children in the area.

About the Project

Sakshum started this project with the adoption of a govt. school named ' CNN Thanda' located in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Sakshum adopted this school as a pilot program to better understand all the implications. We aimed at the overall development of the school. Sakshum's Adopt A School initiative works to bring positive change to the current setup of slum or other schools which lack basic needs and quality education.

Model Replication

Sakshum doesn't want just adopt a couple of schools and stay with them forever. Rather the goal is to replicate the model by applying our learning and experiences to every place in India where we can recruit a team of volunteers willing to adopt a school for the betterment of the society. In brief, after adopting a school we look into following areas:


1. Education:

We focus on improving the quality of education by supplementry teaching with the help of volunteers, hiring additional well-qualified teachers, providing necessary stationary, bringing innovative teaching methods with the help of flash cards, symbolic objects, picture stories, etc. The overall aim to provide the best teaching aids and resources for the students.

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Another important thing we aim in this area is minimize the drop-out rates in these schools by counseling the parents, as well as the students and trying to break the barriers that restrict these children from continuing their education.

2. Healthcare:

Without ensuring good healthcare it does not make much sense to just focusing on education. Sakshum tries to ensure various health checkup camps like eye care, ENT checkups, dental check and a general checkup can be conducted annually.
Sakshum also tries to ensure basic amenities which are essential for good health.


3. Infrastructure:

However, we try to spend minimum in the area of infrastructure as it is the job of govt. but still we invest for the things which are bare minimum required for children to keep motivated to come to school. Some of these are toilet facilites, drinking water, electricity and blackboard repairing etc..

Mission: Our mission is to eliminate the most common barriers to education, health and infrastructure for the adopted schools and move on to adopt another similar school.

The document on 'Model Replication' which a work in progress can be accessed at here .

Project Objectives

1. To improve quality of education in the school by adding staff, and fulfilling basic requirements like notebooks for students.
2. To create awareness among students about prevention of corneal injuries and maintaining better eye hygiene.
3. Providing aids and treatment to all the affected children by taking them to good hospitals and helping to provde medicine, spectacles etc.

4. Developing/ renovating the infrastructure to make it a suitable place for education.

5. Controlling the high drop-out rate in the school.

6. Ensuring children get nutritious food in mid-day meal.


In the loving memories of Sh. Jai Bhagwan Sharma (Father of Neeti) her family planned to fund a scholarship of Rs 10000/- every year for bright students chosen from our adopted schools. Please find more information here

End Goal

Sakshum defines end goal for every school adopted under this project. These goals are divided into two categories viz. one-time and recurring. One-time goals are the once like fixing electricity setup, ensuring good water facility etc. whereas, recurring goals are like health checkup camps, ensuring ample teaching material and stationary for the students etc.

Project Coordinators

  • Vik (
  • Narasimha Charayulu (

Action Plan

The attached link has a detailed action plan. It lists total budget requirements and amount raised for the various schools adopted by Sakshum. Action Plan Sheet. Action plan of individual schools can be accessed on school wise project pages listed below.


No. of Schools Adopted No. of Children Benefited
4 1173

Schools/Areas covered

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Volunteer/ Project Leads

Sakshum welcomes every one who wants to volunteer in any of the upcoming project events. If you are interested to lead an event of project Adopt A School please send us


We are always in need of funds to sustain our initiatives. We have to bear the expenses in organizing volunteers, entertaining school children/ staff, building/renovating infrastructure, transporting affected children to hospital and various other activities. To help Sakshum achieve its mission please donate now