Adopt A School: CNN Thanda School


Improving the quality of Education, renovating the infra-structure and developing it as a centre of quality education for the slum children in the area.

About the Project

Sakshum has found this govt. school named 'CNN Thanda Primary School ' located near Madhapur, Sreelingampalli Mandal, Rangareddi district, Andhra Pradedsh, India suitable for adoption. Sakshum will be looking into the overall development of this slum school. Sakshum's Adopt A School initiative is about bringing a positive change in the current setup of slum or other schools which lack basic needs and quality education.

Scenario at the Time of Adoption: It is a government run slum school with one principal and 3 volunteers (not teachers). Total number of students are about 250. All of them are from the neighborhood, about a third of them are the children of daily wage workers around the area. The students are not being charged any fee and any child is allowed to register in the school any day throughout the year. On the name of funds School receives just 5000 Rs a year from the govt. Below are the details of current facilities which need an immediate improvement:


1. Education:

* The school has 5 classes from standard 1 to 5 and there are only 4 class rooms.

* There are only 3 volunteer teachers for a strength of 250 students.

* There is pretty high drop out rate of children in the school

* Students do not have notebooks and other stationary like pen, pencil, rubbers etc.

* Black boards are either damaged or not suitable for writing.

2. Infra Structure:

* The restrooms are in a miserable situation and are completely useless.

* There is no electricity connection in the school

* School premises are full of rocks and stones and is difficult to even walk.

* Due to poor quality doors, grains used for mid day meal are dumped into classrooms.


3. Health:

* All the children are from poor families, they are unlikely to have had any health check up.

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Mission: Our mission is to provide all the basic facilities for this school in the area of education, health and infra-structure and make it capable to provide quality education.

Project Objectives

1. To improve quality of education in the school by adding staff, and fulfilling basic requirements like notebooks for students.
2. To create awareness among students about prevention of corneal injuries and maintaining better eye hygiene.
3. Providing aids and treatment to all the affected children by taking them to good hospitals and helping in provding medicine, spectacles etc.

4. Developing/ renovating the infra-structure to make it a suitable place for education.

5. Controlling the high drop out rate in the school.

6. Ensuring children get nutritious food in mid-day meal.

End Goal

We will consider our objectives are met once we will achieve the following:
1. Setting up electricity connection.  
2. Building toilet facility.  
3. Whitewash in the school.
4. Tree plantation activity in the school.  

1. A better permanent teaching faculty
2. Making sure every year less stationary requirements are meant.  
3. Making sure adhoc requirements starts coming to us (means School should know how to reach us when any support is needed).  
4. Students passing out from 5th class should get the admission in new school for next class.  

a) Annual Eye Care I Care Camp  
b) Annual general checkup camp  

Project Coordinators

  • Brajesh (
  • Kosstubh (
  • Meera (
  • Vik (

Action Plan

Attached link has a detailed action plan. It lists all the requirements identified by Sakshum and status of various activities. Action Plan Sheet


No. of children affected Improvement Areas after Adoption
250 Toilet facility in the school
Electricity connection in school
Eye screening completed for all the children.
Health Checkup completed for all the children.
School compound cleaned up.
Regular teaching sessions at the school.
White-wash done in the school.


Volunteer/ Project Leads

Sakshum welcomes every one who wants to volunteer in any of the upcoming project events. If you are interested to lead an event of project Adopt A School please send us


We are always in need of funds to sustain our initiatives. We have to bear the expenses in organizing volunteers, entertaining school children/ staff, buuilding/renovating infra structure, transporting affected children to hospital and various other activities. To help Sakshum achieve its mission please donate now