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Project: Educate A Child


Promoting and encouraging child education by supporting needy children who are willing to study.

About the Project

Sakshum started Educate A Child project in the year 2008 by supporting 3 children for the complete educational expenses from St. Isaac School, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad, AP, India

We usually find these children from the schools where we conduct our 'Eye Care I Care' project activities. Whenever team Sakshum visits a school they enquire with the school authorities about the children who are good at studies and need financial support to carry on their education. Based on the information provided to us we screen the children details and verify the authenticity of the case. Those who are found in genuine need of someone to bear educational expenses are uploaded to our 'Children Profile'' page.

Team Sakshum then look for people who can adopt these children educationally. Those who are willing to sponsor are introduced to the school and to the children. We usually emphasis the sponsor to pay the fees etc personally to the school on monthly basis. Though for exceptional cases like person is living quite far or cannot visit every month, team Sakshum takes the responsibility for depositing the fee on regular basis and keeping track of the progress of the children.

Mission: Our mission is to become an efficient channel between children who are in need and willing sponsors so that maximum number of children can be benefited from our efforts.

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Project Objectives

1. To support the needy children for educational expenses.
2. To find willing sponsors and connect them to the needy children.

End Goal

We will consider our objectives are met once we will achieve the following:
1. Sponsored Children get well deserved education.
2. Those who are sponsoring get a satisfaction that their money is spend for the right cause.

Project Coordinators

  • Pooja Sah (
  • Vik (

Action Plan

Attached link has a detailed action plan. It lists all the requirements identified by Sakshum and various cost heads Action Plan Sheet


No. of children currently supported Total No. of Children sponsored
7 37

Schools/Areas covered

Below is the list of schools/NGOs/slums covered till now:
•  St Isaac School, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad.
•  Shivaji Vidyapeeth School, Jublee hills, Hyderabad.
•  Heera Public School, Kapeshera, Delhi.
•  Mayurbhanja Villega School, Mayurbhanja, Orissa.

Children Profiles

Children who need sponsorship can be accessed

Success Stories

These are the children who were supported by sakshum in past and got benefited.

Volunteer/ Project Leads

Sakshum welcomes every one who wants to volunteer in any of the upcoming project events. If you are interested to lead an event of project Adopt A School please send us


We are always in need of funds to sustain our initiatives. We have to bear the expenses in organizing volunteers, entertaining school children/ staff, buuilding/renovating infra structure, transporting affected children to hospital and various other activities. To help Sakshum achieve its mission please donate now