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Project: Eye Care I Care

Eye Donation Vision Care Eye Donation Vision Care


Educating slum, govt schools and community children in Hyderabad about basic eye care and screening them for the vision problems. We also care to provide free of cost treatment and medical aid to those identified with problems

About the Project

Most ocular injuries in children are preventable by early detection, education and change in environmental conditions.

Current Scenario: According to a source 45 million people worldwide are bilaterally blind, of which 6 to 8 million are blind due to corneal disease. In India, there are approximately 7 million people who have corneal blindness with vision <6/60 in at least one eye. Out of 7 million, about 1 million have bilateral corneal blindness. If the present trend continues, it is expected that in India the corneal blindnes will increase to 8.5 million in 2010 and 10.6 million by 2020. In India, there were a total of two million corneal blindness cases, with 40,000 to 50,000 cases added every year.

Mission: Prevention of blindness among children by early detection of vision problems, educating children, teachers and parents about maintaining the eye hygeine and prevention of corneal injuries during festivals like diwali, holi and play.

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Project Objectives

1. Early detection and early intervention to prevent blindness.
2. To create awareness among people about prevention of corneal injuries and maintaining better eye hygiene.
3. Screening the children of all ages in all slum and govt schools for the vision problems.
4. Providing aids and treatment to all the affected children by taking them to good hospitals and helping in medicine, spectacles etc.


LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad has helped Sakshum to provide free of cost required training, onsite support in the screening process for all the events done till now in Hyderabad by Sakshum.

Project Coordinators

  • Narasimha (

  • Vik (


No. of Schools/Ngo/Slums Screened No. of children Cases Found Provided Treatment
12 2118 129 94

Upcoming Events

Please check our event calendar here.

Schools/NGOs/ Slum Areas covered

Below is the list of schools/NGOs/slums covered till now:
• Adrash Prathmik Pathshala, sector-27, Noida  See coverage
• Zila Parishad High School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad Screening Report  See coverage
• Mohammad Hussain Govt High School, New Hafeezpet, Hyderabad  See coverage
• Don Bosco Navjeevan, New Boiguda, Hyderabad Screening Report See coverage
• Holly Bells School, Enadu Colony, Kukatpalli, Hyderabad Screening Report See coverage
• Thalessmia Society, Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad
• CN Thanda School, Chandra N Thanda nagar, Hyderabad Screening Report See coverage
• Sri Vijaya Bharti School, Indra nagar, Hyderabad Screening Report blog post See coverage
• Ashray Akruti, Sri nagar colony, Hyderabad Screening Report
• Parbat Nagar school, Madhapur, Hyderabad Screening Report blog post
• St. Isaac School, Miyapur, Hyderabad Screening Report blog post
• Sivaji Vidyapeeth School, Jublee hills, Hyderabad Screening Report  See coverage

Volunteer/ Project Leads

Sakshum welcomes every one who wants to volunteer in any of the upcoming project events. If you are interested to lead an event of project Adopt A School please send us



We are always in need of funds to sustain our initiatives. We have to bear the expenses in organizing volunteers, entertaining school children/ staff, building/renovating infrastructure, transporting affected children to hospital and various other activities. To help Sakshum achieve its mission please donate now