Red Flag Signs

Child development is amazing. All the developmental milestones are fixed but flexible. Many a time child does not follow the sequence and time but most of the children follow the predictable developmental sequence. Parents should always keep a track of their child development and should know the red flag signs. Many a time parents miss the track especially in speech and communication delay. Below are few red flag signs which point to some deviation in children. Early detection may help the child to get early intervention and inclusion in main-stream. There are few red flag signs
1. Excess tightness or looseness in the muscles
2. Poor movement and coordination till 13 months
3. Not speaking or uttering specific words at 15 month or speech difficulties
4. Not responding to his/her name
5. Hyperactivity or clumsiness
6. Poor attention and concentration
7. Learning difficulties
8. Not understanding the simple commands
9. No social communication or play with children
10. No symbolic play at 26 months

Either one or all symptoms are present….the only mantra that works is an immediate evaluation from an Early interventionist. Evaluation may point to
1. Developmental delay
2. Autism
3. Hearing loss
4. Speech and language disorder
5. Other less known conditions (deprivation/abuse, cerebral palsy, central auditory processing disorder, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, selective mutism)

Early detection and evaluation may assess the risk factors. Early intervention may provide the opportunity for the child to improve significantly. Early intervention is must for all children who are deviated from their normal development.

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