Speech Therapy

The speech therapist is a trained and qualified professional who treat the difficulty or speech production. They assess the people with speech problem and helps them. For children the speech therpaist needs to be specilaized in child development and techniques to teach and improve the speech and communication in children.

Most of the speech therapist for children deals with the children with delayed development in speech and communication, Autism, ADHD, expressive disorder, verbal dyspraxia and other disorder. However the speech production has oral coordination so therapist has to work on oral stimulation and desesitization. Not every chid can speak even therapy is provided. Here the therapist has to teach them to use the sign language or augmented communication.

A speech therapist customize the individual therapy plan depending on the need and strengths of the child. Apart from this the therapist has to counsel and guide the parents about the child condition and treatment for it.

The therapist have to teach the child the verbalization, need of communication, clarity of sound and socialization. The socialization has a part of communication accepted by the community.

The most common mode of therapy is individual or one on one session with lots of flash card, situational teaching, creative ideas and play.

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