Visual Therapy

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It is very effective to the children with vision difficulties and visual problems associated with developmental delay. Children with developmental disabilities and learning disability improve with vision therapy. For young children with developmental delay vision stimulation should be given as a part of early stimulation or therapy plan. Parents should be guided for environmental modification, posture correction and vision stimulation.

Vision therapy includes guided progressive exercises to improve functional skills and abilities. The appropriate position and exercises at home and school helps the child further use of learnt skills in appropriate environment. For example a child with cerebral palsy having extensor tone may not be able to focus down. Using a tilt board or cushion, while sleeping or lying helps the child to focus in midline. Child who is diagnosed with developmental delay or at risk gets benefited with visual stimulation or therapy. The therapy plan is individualised and tailored made according to the need of the child. These exercises focus on eye hand coordination or Visual-motor skills.

Vision therapy is a part of sensory integration train the child to receive, perceive, interpret and act on visual stimuli. The guided practice helps in improved focusing, tracking and binocular vision. Vision therapy helps the children in academic and hence they can tap their full potential in school and social life.

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