A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Mission and Vision

Sakshum volunteers are not just limited to a circumference of a few words. We are trying to serve the community as much as possible. We can summarize about Sakshum's mission and vision in following points:

* To drive awareness about children of special need and “at risk”, the causes of disabilities and prevention.
* Awareness about the importance of early intervention for both special need children as well as those “at risk”.
* Providing Early identification, Diagnosis and early intervention so that children get services before secondary complications arise.
* Providing services for overall development of children by providing all services under same roof or “single widow” delivery. Services like speech therapy, physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and occupational therapy are available to help the children reach at least till their functional abilities.
* Educating parents for the feasible and affordable services to yield positive results faster and hence be less demanding.
* Identifying and providing the physical, social, psychological and educational needs of children.
* Driving awareness and promoting inclusion and integration of special need children in main-stream as per their abilities.
* Educating parents, teachers and peers to handle the children with special needs and creating friendly environment in school like providing resource rooms and ramps.
* Collaboration with other NGO’s and organizations for improvement of each others services
* Be advocate to the children and work to bring amendment in pre-existing policies or rules if required.
* Family support by providing the counseling and helping them to create a Self Help Group.
* Awakening the parents, differently-abled and public about the rights and needs of the children, creating groups and forums for unbiased and active discussions and analysing the problems of differently-abled and their families.
* Documentation of the information shared by the parents and their requirements and disseminating this information for improvement and generating solutions.


Our vision is:

"Empowering people of their capabilities by providing an enriched environment towards a quality life "