Sensory Integration

Sometimes due to poor connections in neurons and brain, there may be some sensory problems. Few of us have minor problems which can be manipulated where as some may have severe problems which may affect their daily functioning. Those may be at 3 different levels of integration.
1. Problem in reception.
2. Problem in modulation.
3. Problem in organization.

They are called sensory integration problems.
Children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, hypotonia, ADHD, Learning disability, and sensory processing disorder have sensory integration problems. Most of the children with sensory processing disorders are hyper active, picky eater or poor eater, cranky and have stereotypic behavior. Generally parents complain that the child is not tuned or out of sync with respect to environment. Either they are under-responsive or over-responsive to the stimuli.

An early interventionist or an Occupational therapist can help the child in sensory processing disorder.

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