A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Team Sakshum


Prashant Jha (Business Consultant) is working as a Relationship Manager for Sakshum handling all inbound communication. Prashant have always been doing his bit for people since his childhood, whether It was teaching people in a village about the Sanitation, Health & Education or Educating underprivileged children in his own capacity. He is in love with Old Rock & a voracious reader.
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Kavita Chandak (Creative Designer) is one of the key members in Sakshum's team. She loves to work for social cause which led her to join as Creative Designer for Sakshum.


Neeti Singhal (Early Interventionist and Autism Specialist) from National Institute for Mentally Handicap, Hyderabad) Neeti is the driving force behind Sakshum. Without her skills and experiences as an Early interventionist, the group would not has direction. She has written several articles on the subject and continues to be a proponent of CBR (Community based Rehabilitation). Her major areas of interest are Social Awareness and Integration of people with disabilities into the main stream. She works as a consultant to the children with special need. She manages the forums maintained by Sakshum.

Lalitha Vinay Sharma (HR Professional, Hyderabad) Employed with an IT firm, its been dream to build an orphanage which can accommodate the young children who are not fortunate enough in our society. I found Sakshum doing a great work in this area, and I have joined in 2010. I liked the various areas they are covering and especially those children with special needs. I am grateful to be associated with Sakshum. With such drive and joining hands, hope to see a day where not a single child is left unfortunate in our society
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Leena Majithia (Spiritual Healer and Counsellor, Mumbai) heads Sakshum's 'Blood Donor Pool Development' initiative. She is very active in guiding people for proper donation like clothes, blood, eyes, kidney, skin, body or any thing in a proper way.

Kosstubh Kaura (IT Professional, Hyderabad) joined us long time ago as a passive volunteer. He enjoyed with Sakshum greatly and finally decided to be an active member and leading few projects related to creating awareness about us.

Vinayaka Prabhu (IT Professional, United Kingdom) Vinayaka has been involved with Sakshum from its days of inception. He is one of the key decision makers for various initiatives and is gifted with excellent decision making skills. Whether its a project or a crisis, Sakshum depends upon him to do the right things. He has moved to UK from Oracle, Hyderabad recently but continues to explore ways to contribute meaningfully to Sakshum.

Pooja Sah Namadevan (Media professional, Delhi) Employed with a media firm, Pooja has always dreamt of helping the needy and the underprivileged and with Sakshum she took the first step to living and fulfilling her dream. Pooja joined Sakshum in August 2011 and has been an active member from Delhi. She heads the education cell of Sakshum and serves as one of the Point of Contact for blood donor unit.

Vivek Kumar (Vik) (IT Professional, Hyderabad) Vik as he is affectionately called by the team doesn't have the word tomorrow in his vocabulary. Every good idea and every initiative has to be done today and now. His enthusiasm is infectious and it is this quality that has helped Sakshum take up several initiatives in a short period. He is a techie par excellence and manages all the online applications and mailing lists of Sakshum.

Narasimha Charyulu (IT Professional, Hyderabad) is an active member of team Sakshum from the very early days. He is the key person behind all the event management of our volunteering activities in Hyderabad. He is also handling the parent helpline in our adopted schools.