Be a Point of Contact (POC)

Sakshum provides to you a great opportunity to serve people in need. Here, is what we mean by becoming POC and how does that helps you to contribute to your society.

At Sakshum, we are maintaining a Blood Donors database. This database can be used by anyone who needs a donor, anywhere at anytime. But, to prevent abuse we do not reveal complete details of a blood donor. When someone in need search for blood donors at Sakshum site we provide the contact numbers of a Point of Contact (POC) instead of actual blood donors. So, here is the place where you can hold the responsibility of a POC for your area.

As a POC you will receive calls from people in need of blood donors. Being a Sakshum POC you will be having access to the Sakshum blood donors database, which you can query and help the callers by giving further information of donors. So, if you believe you can help the community by becoming a POC then please read carefully this document and send us