Early intervention programs and its benefits

Early intervention is applicable for kids during the early years of their school age with a high risk factor of developing a kind of handicapped condition or may require developmental assistance under special needs. Early intervention hence is the provision of helpful services meant for such kids for lessening the effects of such critical conditions they face. The process of early intervention can be either preventive or remedial in nature so that the families can lessen the remedial effects of nature or the preventive effects. They can either remediate the existing problem or may prevent them from occurring all together.

This system may focus on the kid alone or may even involve the family of the kid for better outcomes. These programs may be based on the center or localized to the hospital/home or may even be a combination of home and all the areas. The services under the early intervention program consist of identification through referral or screening, diagnosis and direct interventions. Early interventions have no specified starting period and may begin as early as the birth and may stretch till the schooling age. However there are many reasons because of which this system may begin really early.

Early interventions can enhance the childís development. This system can provide support and assistance to the family and maximize the benefits of the child and family linked to the society. As per research, the development rate of a child is really rapid during the early years of his life. A timely move to intervene can particularly bring the opportunity of learning well for the kid and can hence also work on the readiness of the kid. Early diagnosis and appropriate programming can help the child in developing a potential that is extraordinary.

These services also make a great impact on the siblings or parents of the kid who is undergoing this program. The family members of such kids feel really disappointed or dis-heartened at some point. Over this they can even suffer from social isolation, frustration, stress, helplessness etc. The compounded effect of all these factors together can give way to even more serious concerns. The increased institutional and developmental gains will mean that the child will be less dependent on various social institutions and will work out an ability to cope better. This will also affect the kidís future as he or she will get better chances of employment along with other social benefits.

As per research the effectiveness of early interventions has been emphasized under quantitative and qualitative development of the kids along with great educational gains of the child. Early interventions have shown long term benefits. Some very primary features of this program include the age of the kid at the time of the beginning of early interventions. The involvement level also determines the progress of the kid hence involvement of the parents other family members is really important for the result generation capability of early interventions. The overall support and skills will combine to deliver benefits which stand unparalleled for the kidsí growth.

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