A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


Below are few stories about Sakshum published in newspapers, TV and on web:

A documentary on Sakshum aired on NTV- Vanitha channel

Sakshum's Adopt A School Project work

Sakshum was covered by leading Telugu newspaper Eenadu for its Adopt a School initiative here

Sakshum's 1st Birthday Tree plantation activity

Sakshum celebrated its first birthday by planting trees in Siddique Nagar school, Hyderabad. It was covered by Andhra Jyothy newspaper. Please find the newspaper cutting here

Your Story coverage

Yourstory published about Sakshum story here

Channel 6 Magazine

Channel 6 magazine published about Dr. Neeti here

Coverage by Robaroo

College portal Titianslive published about Vik and Sakshum here

Telugu newspaper Enaadu report

Leading Telugu newspaper Enaadu of Andhra Pradesh, India published about Sakshum a report. Please find a copy here

CSIM alumni newletter

CSIM, India published about Dr. Neeti's initiatives. Please find a copy here