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"It's just a colorless fabric if it's in our stores. Fill the colors of hope, stitch it with dreams of 1000s of children. Wear it!!!"

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What, Why and How


Sakshum is in its early childhood. This initiative is run by few full time working professionals who spend their personal time and weekends to put a smile on a few faces. We have a vision of an inclusive society and we know the path to it is tough but with support from several quarters, our march along this path will be unwavering.

However, to keep this initiative alive and to meet day to day expenses we need some support from you guys. Sakshum is planning continue 'Eye Donation Awareness' campaigning. We are committed to support more children for meeting their educational expenses like the 3 we are already sponsoring.

So, here is a chance for those who find it difficult to spend some time in helping the community, for those who are able to do that but wants to do more and for everyone else who trusts us and supports us in building a better community and nation. Please buy a tshirt or two for you and your family and help us in raising funds and keep us going financially. Quality of the tshirts is good and a very minimal margin of 50 rupees is being used to help Sakshum to continue its initiatives.



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